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To recap my forecast for 2023, the world embraced an era of post pandemic challenges and vigorous efforts towards recovery. However the government's decisions  to counter inflation with interest rate hikes created volatility in the investment markets. Beyond human conflicts, global warming continued to worsen, with wildfires, droughts, and floods becoming more frequent. Turkey experienced a powerful earthquake, and last year marked the hottest year on Earth.



In the year of Dragon, it begins on February 4th, 2024 at 10:58pm. People born after this time in 2024 belong to the zodiac of Dragon. In this year of Dragon, some long-established international institutions and harmonious agreements will face disruption, but it will gradually ease in the Autumn. Additionally, China is expected to build up business independently this year, especially in computer chips and high technology. Therefore, China is likely to further open up to foreign businesses, particularly in  finance, insurance, retail, and automobiles.

This year the Yellow-5 Malignant Star arrives in the West, in Metal element; and the Black-2 Ailing Star arrives in the Southeast, in Wood element. Prevent having male leaders; social celebrities and male actors may have problems, scandal, or even accidents may arise. As the Five Yellow and Two Black stars are associated with health issues, there is a risk of influenza viruses, severe contagions, and natural disasters. Wars may happen in the Middle East and Africa.



About Astrology

In the year of Dragon, the main malignant star is in the Southeast direction, the Yellow-5 Malignant Star arrives in the West, the Emerald-3 Malignant Star arrives in the center, and the Black-2 Ailing Star arrives in the Southeast; these forces will affect a person’s health and luck. Do not perform construction or renovation in your home, office, or business in the Southeast, West, South and the center of your Living room. Otherwise, it will bring illness, legal troubles and accidents.



Dragon and Dog

For people who belong to the zodiacs of the Dragon and the Dog, this will be a year of poor fortune. They may become easily irritable and anxious. Being overly sentimental or lacking objectivity may lead to unnecessary mishaps. To avoid this, keep safety and tranquility in mind and do not be compulsive in regards to speech and diets. By doing so, peace of mind can be achieved. To ensure the best results, one can place a Five Finger Mountain in the Southeast of the home, and a Peace Plate around the pillow area under the mattress. Wearing Fortune Rooster can also improve the overall wellness of the mind and body.


Impact of the Emerald-3 Malignant Star

The Emerald-3 Wood Star will arrive in the middle of the palace to take charge. This star represents thunderstorms, forests, trees, shaking, anger, fear, legal troubles, arguments, villains, thieves, riots, murderers, elder sons, youth, and strong individuals; it also represents vehicles, hands, feet, the liver, gallbladder, rheumatism, syphilis, accidents, and mental disorders. With the Emerald-3 Malignant star being trapped in the middle of palace, there will be many severe natural disasters, storms, heavy floods, snowstorms, tsunamis, major fires, earthquakes, subsidence, land and air transportation accidents.



In the Southeast, South and West,  many disasters may occur during this year. Regardless of countries or regions, many significant disasters— including severe fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunami, snow storms, subsidence, landslides, transportation accidents, and terrorist attacks— may occur. Moreover, this is not a good year for the elder son, the chiefs, male leaders and male celebrities, these people may have negative experiences, such as death or accidents. People should exercise extreme care to prevent influenza infection and other pandemics which will originate from snakes, insects or wild animals from the Southeastern and Western regions.



Dear friends, to ensure your safety, consider keeping a Peace Bead close to yourself, or by hanging it inside your car.


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