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Zodiac Dragon's birthday:
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  Personality : People born in the year of Dragon are social, intelligent, and analytic. They are motivated and determined; they love adventure and place great importance on love and romance. But they are mindful of mistakes that others make and  have a hard time controlling their emotions.
Hint : Knowing yourself and others is more likely to bring forth success.




Dragons have bad luck this year. They may be irritable and anxious; overly sentimental; lacking objectivity may lead to unnecessary troubles. Tranquility and clear-headedness are important. Pay attention to interpersonal relationships and diet. Visiting hospitals and funerals is inappropriate this year. Avoid any kind of renovation in the Southeast of the home, or immediate danger may arise.

 To avoid bad luck, place a  Five Finger Mountain in the Southeast of the home, put a Peace Plate around the pillow area under the mattress, and wear a Fortune Rooster

The overall fortune rating is 55%



Health : Rating 50% - Dragons are prone to have health problems or injuries this year. When careless, serious illness or accidents may happen. When traveling, you must pay special attention to food hygiene and traffic safety.
To reduce the chance of illness, place a Mythic Fungus Cucurbit, Five Health Cucurbit, or Fortune Cucurbit on the Southeast of your home. Alternatively, you can also place a  Health Plate on top of the bed.
Lucky colors : Dark blue, dark green, brown, and apricot.


Mythic Fungus Cucurbit     Five Health Cucurbit    Fortune Cucurbit     Health Plate
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Love : Rating 55% -This is a year of instability for Dragon. Should focus on education and work. Even though you may be attracted to certain people, relationships are unlikely to be fruitful. Married couples are also prone to instability; they may argue over trivial matters. Men need to be loyal and faithful, avoid potential extramarital activities.
Suitable zodiac lover : Rooster, rat, and monkey.
Suitable horoscope lover : Virgo, Capricorn, and Libra.

Wealth : Rating Rating 50% -Avoid gambling and risky investment. Need to be steadfast to avoid big losses. Also, beware of potential money problems that may arise among friends and family, for it may ruin the value of the relationships.
Zodiac helper : Ox, rat, dragon, monkey, rooster and snake.
Horoscope helper : Virgo, Capricorn, and Libra.

Occupation : Rating 60% -Unstable luck this year. Work is filled with adjustments. Decisions must be thought through thoroughly to avoid potential losses.
To increase your wealth, place a Wisdom Ichthyosaur, Scholar Fish, or Scholar Chinese Unicorn on the Northwest of your home or office. Alternatively, you can also place a Nine Red Lotus on top of the door.
If a promotion is desired, place a Lucky Four Season in the Northeast. However, DO NOT put red, green, or blue carpet in the Northeast of living room. Placing any plants in that direction is also inappropriate.
Suitable jobs : Computer, mechanical engineering, real estate, accounting, electronics, and psychology.

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Auspicious Instructions for Placing Flowers:

It is best to place flowers, citrus and any plant or pot in the Northwest, Southwest, East and the center of the house. In the Northwest, place Bamboo and Silver Willow. Peach, Peony, Tulips and Lily can also be placed for friendship and love. In the Southwest, place Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus and Phalaenopsis to improve your career and fortune. In the center of the living room, place any sort of Red Flowers to fend off rumors. In the East, place Daffodils and water plants to improve your career.

Do not place any flowers, plants or potted plants in the South, West, North, Northeast and Southeast of the house. Otherwise, disease, injury, and loss of wealth will follow.

Meaning of flowers:

Peach: to succeed in business and love. Peony: elegant and poised appearance, also called Fortune Flowers. Chrysanthemum: known as the longevity flower, a symbol of healthy life.  It is also called a wealth flower. Gladiolus: a symbol of fortune and advancement. Lily: a symbol of harmony, joy, and marital harmony. Daffodils:  a symbol of career stability, also called a golden bowl because of its shape.  Silver Willow:  a symbol of vitality and wealth, also called Fortune plants. Tulips:  a symbol of elegance and love, also called the Queen of Flower. Phalaenopsis:  a symbol of happiness and fortune.

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